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Taiwan uses science to prove oolong tea’s original source

October 20, 2016

If you are a serious tea drinker like me, what is the information you would be looking for first in your purchase decision on a certain type of tea, say loose oolong tea? Is it price, brand, taste, country of origin, or the nitty-gritty tea district and tea plantation where it was produced? Ah, little doubt that price often is our first screener. But among all these decision points, if you can track the tea’s original source down to the tea plantation, you would be in a better position to judge its true value.  Unfortunately, that most crucial information is often unavailable to end consumers, making tea shopping a constant guessing game that leads to a hit-or-miss experience. Even in...

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Can drink tea cure hangover?

August 16, 2016

For people looking for hangover remedies, tea sometimes makes it to the list of tips, but at other times is advised against. What has become even more complicated is when peppermint tea or ginger tea is being suggested as an effective cure. Which ingredient exactly is working? Is it peppermint and ginger, or is it tea?  According to the director of gastroenterology of Taipei Medical University Hospital in Taiwan, Rui-Xiang Tang, there is no medical evidence yet to support the popular claim that drinking tea is effective to cure a hangover. People who claim its effectiveness may have to attribute the substantial amount of water being washed down that help speed up alcohol metabolism in the body, not attribute to...

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Oolong tea: the history behind the name of the tea

August 12, 2016

For tea connoisseurs and specialty tea lovers, oolong tea is usually on their radar, as part of their tea appreciation journey. Oolong differentiates itself among the world of tea by the complex processing it involves to produce tastes not only complex but sustainable after several steepings.  Because it is so complex that the simplest way to make it understandable to the masses usually ends up in three words: a semi-oxidized tea. But other than knowing oolong tea from a technical perspective, have you ever wondered what the name “oolong tea” means, and if there’s a history associated with its coming into being? Many people may be surprised to learn that the name oolong was not created on a whim for...

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Enjoy home-brewed tea when camping out at Wright’s Beach

May 05, 2016

A blog post on our April 30 trip to Wright's Beach Campground, during which we enjoyed the clean beach, sunset, BBQ, home-brewed iced Oolong tea (yes, you can do it too!), and whale watching.

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