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Frequently Asked Questions

All about Oolong Tea


What is Oolong tea?

What is high mountain Oolong?

What is the difference between new, rested, and aged tea?


How do I choose the Oolong tea to my liking?

Which Oolong tea can go strong after several steepings?


What kind of water is good for tea brewing?

Is it necessary to rinse dry tea leaves?

What kind of steep ware is good for Oolong tea?

What is the standard way of brewing tea?

What factors would impact brew time?

How to time brewing?

What's the ideal water temperature for brewing?

How to make cold brewed tea?

Why cold-brewed tea doesn’t taste as bitter as hot-brewed tea?


What are the main substances (nutrients) in tea?

Is there a difference in nutrients and mouthfeel between the first and second brew?

How much caffeine in Oolong, compared with green and black tea?

What are the health benefits of drinking Oolong tea?

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