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Wenshan Pouchong Oolong Tea


  1. Net Weight: 1.32 oz / 37.5 gram
  2. Oxidization Level: 10% (also known as light Oolong or green Oolong, between green tea and Oolong tea)
  3. Characteristics: green twisted curl (dry leaf); pale yellow color (tea liquid); whole leaf without stem (brewed leaf) [More info on oxidization]
  4. Tea cultivar: Qing Xin Oolong 
  5. Grower/Farmer: Qing-Chang Bai
  6. Tea Farm Location: Pinglin Township, New Taipei City, Taiwan
  7. Tea Farm Elevation: 1640 ft/500 m
  8. Harvest Date: April 19, 2015 (hand plucked)
  9. Tasting Note: Light, delicate, very smooth, intense fresh floral (Osmanthus, Lily) aroma
  10. Steep Tip: 2 teaspoons of tea for 6 oz of FILTER hot water (180° - 190° F), 1st steeping (4 minutes), re-steeping 3 times

Additional Information:

  1.  The name "Pouchong" comes from the Chinese term meaning "wrapped". It dates back to the time when tea farmers used to wrap their tea in paper during the drying process. Pouchong tea is mostly produced in northern Taiwan and Pinglin Township is particularly known for it. [Further info: tea production area and elevation across Taiwan]
  2. Tea-making process: hand-plucked fresh leaves - solar withering - indoor withering - hand tossing - machine stirring - setting for oxidization - fixation - twist rolling - first drying - second drying - manual removal of stems without leaves - packaging. (Note: Stems aren't removed until the end because the aroma they contain helps to increase aroma of the tea. No flavoring or fragrance is added or blending of any sort during the whole process. The tea's aroma and flavor results in the interaction between the soil, climate, tea cultivar, eco-system in and around the tea plantation.) [Further info: tea-making processes]
  3. Storage: to best preserve the tea's nutrients and taste, please use a dry, air-tight, light-blocking food storage container and avoid place the container in a humid, hot and sunlit area. 
  4. An unconventional way to quickly brew a day-worth of tea (i.e. 2 liters) in one go, this store owner Cecilia would recommend checking out her YouTube video "Quick tutorial for easy preparation of loose-leaf tea." Be sure to double the amount of twist-rolled tea like Wenshan Pouchong Oolong to produce the similar strength. 

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Category: Oxidization: 8-18%

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